Corporate Information

We are the Innovative real estate transaction service provider in China. We mainly offer real estate agency services in the primary market, real estate data and consulting services and real estate brokerage network services. We serve real estate developers, buyers, brokerage firms and other industry participants, covering various aspects of the real estate value chain. Since our inception in 2000, we have earned a respected reputation in China’s real estate industry, and established a competitive position in each of our main businesses.

Our business benefits from our close relationships with many of China’s prominent real estate developers, particularly in light of the continuing trend of market consolidation in the real estate development industry. We have served all of the Top 100 Real Estate Developers or their respective related companies in China. Furthermore, 25 of the Top 100 Real Estate Developers are associated with our Shareholders. As of the Latest Practicable Date, we had entered into strategic cooperation agreements with 46 leading real estate developers with terms ranging from one year to six years. Our strategic relationships with these leading developers increase the stability and predictability of customer demand for our services across our three major business lines.

Our three major business lines complement each other, generating powerful business synergies and abundant cross-selling opportunities. We collect a large amount of real estate data from the operations of our agency and brokerage network services, which continuously strengthen our proprietary databases and allow us to provide better data and consulting services. We leverage our data capabilities to provide real estate developers with various services at the early stages of real estate development projects, such as market research reports, positioning analysis and feasibility studies, which better positions us to serve real estate developers through our real estate services in the primary market and our real estate brokerage network services. In addition, we can help our developer customers expand their sales channels by sourcing buyers of new properties through Fangyou-branded stores and other real estate brokerage firms we cooperate with.

Executive Directors
Zhou Xin Huang Canhao Cheng Li-Lan Ding Zuyu
Non-executive Directors
Xia Hai Jun Mo Bin Zhu Jiusheng Xie Mei
Independent Non-executive Directors
Zhang Bang Zhu Hongchao Wang Liqun Li Jin
Joint Company Secretaries
Zhou Liang Cheng Ching Kit (ACS,ACIS)
Authorised Representatives
Cheng Li-Lan Zhou Liang
Corporate Governance
Audit Committee
Zhang Bang (Chairman) Wang Liqun Li Jin
Remuneration Committee
Zhu Hongchao (Chairman) Cheng Li-Lan Wang Liqun
Nomination Committee
Zhou Xin (Chairman) Zhu Hongchao Wang Liqun